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David Marcus is a Southern Californian Artist born in 1964, at the time of burgeoning technologies.  Science and art commingle in David Marcus's work.  Growing up in his father's multiple LA studios, which ranged from the mid to late 60s to the turn of the century, he was exposed to the artist's world and expressed interest from a young age.


david_sculptures of UofA.jpg

Graduating from UC Davis in 1994 with a BS degree in Science and Studio Art,  Santoyo was working at the birth of the New Genre and  the new Gender based movements.  Santoyo's early works mixed new media with traditional figure.  After graduating Santoyo traveled Europe and , like his father before him, absorbed much of the traditional figurative work.  He was invited to the studio of the sculptor, Manuel Neri, to learn the art of working with marble at that time.

Upon return to the United States, Santoyo was accepted into the Master Program for Fine Art, at the University of Arizona.  Subsequently he came  back to Los Angeles to work with his brother and father at Impressions Limited Atelier Fine Art Printing but soon began a career in Visual Effects, Post Production in Los Angeles.  He is currently working in the industry and is keeping his love of abstract figure alive and well at his Los Angeles home-studio.

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